#YourStory: Getting to Know Karen Moffatt-McLeod

Born and raised in Wellington, from a young age I was interested in art and creating. Attending Onslow College where one of my art teachers sparked an interest in photography I set out with my grandfather’s old Pentax camera. Before long I had set up a darkroom in my parents’ house so I could develop her own film and prints.

"Only human" by Karen McLeod

Art & photography took a back seat and became hobbies for a number of years. At 24 I moved to Auckland where I later revisited my love of art & photography as well as taking up the sport of Archery.

By Karen McLeod

Marrying Dennis McLeod in 2009, I shifted to Whitianga where photography and art became a greater part of my life again until an injury late 2010 and subsequent surgery in 2011 which left me with Complex Region Pain Syndrome. Unable to shoot either camera or bow or hold a brush for nearly 2 years, I realised the passion I had and the important role they had held in my life so once a camera was back in hand I decided to pursue photography more seriously.

"Dreams Lost in Water" by Karen McLeod

After years of avoiding portrait photography, since 2017 I have been photographing people and am passionate about creative portraiture. Influences are taken from many artists, movies, TV as well as other photographers as I try to translate a scene into art through my photography.

"I Float Alone" by Karen McLeod

I want people to stop and think “wow!” as they take a closer look at my images rather than just think, “oh that’s a nice photograph”. I like to challenge peoples perception of photography by presenting a piece that engages them and makes them think about it more while still being an image that you could have on your wall.

"The Pipe Connoisseur" by Karen McLeod

To see more Karen's work please view her Excio albums and her Instagram.

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