World Wildlife Day

More than just a date on the calendar, celebrations such as World Wildlife Day are a time to remember what holds value in our lives, reflect upon it, and show appreciation.

As an UN-backed initiative kickstarted in 2013, the WWD strives to “celebrate and raise awareness of the world’s fauna and flora.” The celebration takes place yearly on March 3, and the 2021 edition will see a series of events being held across the globe on the theme of Forests and Livelihoods: Sustaining People and Planet.

What If... by Peter Laurenson

An Orangutan, Melbourne Zoo. He looked wistful, or perhaps just bored. While zoos provide us with easy opportunities to see wildlife up close they also can accentuate how we have made these animals prisoners. There are arguments for and against, but this image makes me wish there were no need or justification for any zoo, anywhere / Nikon D7000, F6.3, 1/160, ISO 200, 187mm