"What We See, What We Say" Exhibition

We went along to the opening of the "What We See What We Say" exhibition this week and were blown away by the hard work of the School of Design students at Victoria University of Wellington on such a thought-provoking topic.

Dr Mizuho Nishioka adding the finishing touches to the exhibition she organised with her students.

The exhibition, entitled "What We See, What We Say" voices the thoughts, feelings, and emotions of students, and their friends, who are of Asian descent.

The focus is on getting behind the media-fronted misconception that Asia can be neatly homogenised as a single region or a single culture and exposes the concerns of Asian youth and their expectations as individual people in New Zealand. Students researched and tried to express through photography such important and really challenging topics like suicide, the truth, the importance of home and culture, the idea of "human nature", the social pressure in the modern world, the value of items, and many other ideas.

"I took a series of photos to express the process of having depression-committing suicide, which I hope could alert people to pay more attention on mental health. From my research I found that depression is a kind of mood disorder which affects our thoughts, behaviours, feelings, and tendencies. Generally, we will feel hopeless, helpless, guilty and empty when we are facing it... I was trying to create a struggling atmosphere with those feelings. In my pictures I used red ropes and silk, which represented the struggle inside of my heart and the blood. They also represented hidden hints of losing life little by little", says one of the students whose work is exhibited.