Welcoming New Members

We are continually welcoming new talent to the Excio community. In this post, we wanted to showcase our newest members by sharing one of their photos.

You'll find plenty more beautiful and thought-provoking images in each member's portfolio so why not grab a drink and find some new favourite photographers to follow via the Excio app or on your desktop via the Excio albums.

I see you.. but do you really see Me? by Madiryn Photography

This image is of a Tawny Frogmouth, often mistaken as an owl, but actually part of the nightjar family. These birds are becoming more scarce in the local area. This image was taken at 11pm at night, along the side of a major road, on a bridge in the centre of Yass, a small country town in Australia. Settings - 1/60, ISO 2000, 2.9.

University of Economics, Vienna 2016 by Eli Matityahu

Zaha Hadid Architects. I shot with a 24/70 f2.8 d810 camera lens.

After the long exposure shooting I processed the image, cleaned the unnecessary parts and turned it into black and white.

Tūi by Enzo Giordani

A Tūi feasting on pohutukawa, Tritiri Matangi Island.

Merinos along the Mt Cook Road by Robert Sanson

My wife and I were heading to Mt Cook on 9th October 2020, when we encountered a flock of approximately 1300 Merinos being slowly walked along the road by the shepherds. It was a real thrill to see these iconic high country sheep, with New Zealand's highest peak, Aoraki Mt Cook in the background. The photo was taken on my Olympus E-M1 Mk 2 camera, with the 12-100 mm f4.0 lens at 50 mm. The camera settings were ISO 400m f5.6, 1/800 sec.

Seemingly afloat by Judith

The Gold Coast Qld has a number of waterways and this was captured looking across the Broadwater to suburb of Southport. Blurred in Nikon D7500 camera at 1/4 second.

Showman by Natural Light Photography

Showman - DJ and Event Prom Season 2020 (Event Photography)

The person behind the lens by InvokeMe Photography - Ian Moone

Like most photographers I spend most of my time behind the lens or is it more a mask? or is it a voice?

North Island Robin/Toutouwai by Loralee

Toutouwai catching a sunbeam on the Beech Track in Zealandia Ecosanctuary in Wellington.

Aegean beauty by Lainey Myers-Davies

This photo was taken the evening before Anzac Day on the shores of Gallipoli - a place that is very special to me. The sunset produced the most amazing colour and it lingered for ages. 50mm lens, ISO 100, 1/160, f8.0

Awesome Pink Sky by Sandra Benson

I was at my favourite beach photographing the sunset when I looked above me and saw this captivating pink cloud in the sky. But I was under the cloud, so how to photograph it. I lined up next to a footbridge to anchor the scene, and to my delight the only other person on the beach appeared in my frame. I was delighted.

Nerine Flower Head by Peter Anderson

Nerine Flower Head showing buds and blooms. Taken on a plant in our garden.

Otago University Campus, Dunedin by Greg Hughson

A "Pep Ventosa" type composite photo taken on the University of Otago campus, Dunedin, NZ.

Moody portrait by ChazRB

I went for a dark green look to the image. I think it turned out pretty well!

Grandad's Jetty, 21.02.21 by megan.e.hopkins

Sunrise at Lake Alexandria looking up lake from my Grandad's jetty.

Bulbinella latifolia by EthnoFlora

Auckland botanic garden have one of the best succulent collections in New Zealand, this clump of Bulbine can be found growing in their South Africa section.

Rising to the Occasion by Darcey Philp

A flock of seagulls, waiting to watch the sunrise with their fellow feathered friends. ƒ/5.6 1/200 55 mm ISO250

Carnivorous Sundew with Prey by Brigitte K

A tall sundew (Drosera auriculata) with a freshly caught meal. Nikon D7100 + Sigma 105mm macro (f16, 1/800, ISO 400)

Maraetotara Falls by Adventurelief

Picnic area at Maraetotara Falls. Found it on the map, the thought crossed my mid that it might be an absolute waste of a detour, but I went with it anyway. Turned out to be one of my favorite compositions. Settings: ISO100, F11, S8s with variable ND filter.

All of the sunset hues by Elfriede

What a magical sunset again. This time from Bradley's head lookout. The lower North Shore of Sydney provides the best vantage points. It was also very handy to have a few pools to get some reflections of the light.

Points of interest by Kerry Burton

Several points of interest here - the lines, the infrastructure, the lines on the infrastructure......

Mount Ngauruhoe by Mark C

My favourite mountain on the central plateau, always different.

Paradise by JohnDorado

We went to west coast for the Wife's birthday and we stayed in at beach front room and before our room you will see this truck converted into a house/room. I keep looking at it because I was so amazed about everything, I was just hoping next time if we can book it and experience first hand how it feels like staying there.

Beauty in decay by angwnz

At the end of the dahlias life I set it on the wooden table and took a shot with my phone. I preferred it in black and white. (samsung note 9 f2.4, 1/141s, ISO 50, 4.30mm)

Kahukowhai (Yellow Admiral Butterfly) by Dwindle River Photography

The native kahukura sunning itself on a felled eucalyptus log in autumn.

Dinner at the estuary by Gareth Davies

Enjoying nature photography and "getting the shot" for me means enjoying the moment of being with wildlife, whilst respecting them and their environment, not going to any lengths and disrupting or even destroying it. If I do not get "the shot" it gives me an excuse to go and practice more! I have spent many hours just observing the birds on this estuary to know where best to capture these scenes, without disturbing them. ISO400, 1/2000th @ f13. Waikanae Estuary, Kapiti Coast,NZ.

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