Week 3 Mystery Challenge Solved

The best way to develop the art of seeing is to look at eveyday objects with a new perspective. Over the last few weeks our members at Excio have been doing exactly that. Every week we had a different theme and were trying to see things around us in a new extraordinary way. Last week our theme tied in with Earth Day and once all submissions were in we threw a challenge to our wider community to try and guess what was in the photos. If you stop reading now, you can still join the guessing game - Just head to our FB page to see the featured images and see if you can guess what was photographed! If you already went to the FB page to guess but were stumped on some of the images or just want to confirm your answers – keep scrolling!

There are more new exciting challenges coming for Excio members next month, so if you don’t want to miss the fun, keep checking your emails and your exciohub.io area.