The Secret Behind Excio Display Algorithms

To start, let’s be clear - Excio is not a social media platform hence it has its own algorithms for displaying your work. Think of it as ‘broadcasting’ - when you upload your photos on Excio and make your collection public, the uploaded photos start ‘streaming’. They automatically appear in your online album ( and on the app (Android and iOS) so that your photos start displaying on the phone and tablet screens of users in the form of a wallpaper or widget.

When a new photo is uploaded, it is allocated to a particular category such as 'Landscapes' or 'Travel'. This is because when a new user downloads Excio, they immedietely start following categories that interest them such as 'Landscapes' or 'Travel' therefore, whether you joined 6 months ago or yesterday, your photos on Excio have equal chances of being discovered.

Based on the settings of individual users, the images on Excio can be displayed for as little as 1 minute or as long as 60 minutes each before they are ‘replaced’ with a new photo from the ‘queue’ of collections the user is following. The app constantly checks to see if something new comes up in a collection and adds it to the ‘queue’ so when you publish your first collection, allow it a little time to autopopulate on people’s screens as it works through the queue of images to be displayed.

More Views For Your Photos

There are several ways of how you can make sure that as many people as possible see and follow your collections on Excio:

Tell your friends and family about your profile on Excio.

The app is completely free to download and they can use it with or without the wallpaper/widget feature. When they share your photos from Excio to other channels e.g. Facebook the image will have an embedded banner with your logo, image title and your name. That’s great extra promotion of your work that doesn't cost anything!

Have your photo featured on the app in the “Featured” section.

We absolutely love all the photos our members upload but have to make a hard choice every time we add some of the most interesting photos to the “Featured” tab. This is the first tab that people see when they open the app so it gives a really good boost to your exposure. We make even harder decisions when selecting the photos from Featured to be displayed in our bi-weekly “In The Spotlight” blog post – this is the best of the best so you can be really proud of yourself if your photo makes it into a ‘Spotlight’ post. To increase your chances of being featured there are some simple guidelines we use:

  • The Image should have no watermark or a non-distracting, semi-transparent watermark – ideally in a lower corner of the image. Rest assured all photos on Excio are protected anyway so not having a watermark or logo is the best option.

  • Upload higher resolution files – we suggest at least 1000px on the shortest side, but ideally you would be looking at 4000-5000px. The higher quality you upload to Excio the better it looks on the screens and in a blog post.

  • Check the titles – we don’t usually feature photographs that have default camera titles e.g. IMG_1234 or generic titles ie Italy-12.

  • Upload gradually – you might have seen that there is an initial limit of 60 photos on your Excio account. There is a reason behind it! With our bi-weekly ‘In The Spotlight” post showcasing the latest uploaded photos you have a real opportunity to be featured regularly if you don’t upload all your photos at once! (Otherwise we won’t have anything ‘recent’ from you to showcase!) So refresh your collections, upload new photos every now and then and you will get the maximum exposure. You can add all 60 straight away of course if that's what you prefer but you are likely to only have one chance of being featured until the next time your limit is raised.

How Often To Update Your Collections?

The great thing about Excio is that your photos won’t become ‘buried’ in news feeds and don’t require constant updates or maintenance. Once your images are there, you can be sure they will be continuously featured as we take care of promoting your work. You can relax and do whatever you love doing most – most likely capturing new photos rather than sitting in front of a computer screen promoting your work!

When looking at your statistics, remember photo views outside of the Excio app (i.e. on the Excio blog, on social media, or in NZPhotographer magazine etc) are not included.

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