The “Conscious Photographer” and How to Become One

If you think that photography is all about knowing the right techniques and having the right equipment, this is not the article for you! At Excio we believe that your photographs are a true representation of you as a photographer. It boils down to the basics – it is not just about what you photograph, but about sharing with people why you love what you photograph.

Being a conscious photographer means knowing why you are taking a photograph and what will happen to it after you have pressed the shutter release and done the post-processing.

What message does your photo tell? Is there a story? Are you passionate about something and trying to raise awareness? Where are you sharing your photo and message?

By no means do you have to start taking photographs of melting icebergs. Not at all. However, as a conscious photographer you must understand the interconnectedness of everything and everyone, no shot is insignificant.

The responsibility of social media platforms

It is our job as photographers to not only use photography to open the world to people, but to take care of and protect the places we love. First when you are taking the photo and then, when you are sharing it, by making a conscious choice of how to share your image and what information to add about it.

It's so important to be mindful of over-tourism and the damage and destruction it has brought to so many places. The Wanaka Tree in NZ is a well known example but now, the latest victim of over-tourism, is Maya Beach in Thailand which has been closed so that the environment can recover.