Thank you, NZP Photographers

We all know how time flies - This month marks two years since we took over the reins and started re-publishing NZPhotographer Magazine under the Excio brand.

In 24 months, NZPhotographer magazine has seen more than 10,000 readers in 89 countries, 593 cities with 4.7 M views. We've featured 318 photographers in Readers’ Submissions, and 105 photographers have shared their tips, insight, and travels in articles and interviews.

In its current form, NZPhotographer has always been and will continue to be the magazine that features photographers and their work as they (you!) share ideas, experiences, and journeys. Our continuous mission is to showcase to the world the moments captured here in NZ and beyond, to create and feature photography for good.

The magazine wouldn’t exist today if it wasn’t for all of the photographs you've submitted over the last two years, all of the people who have taken part in an interview or feature, and of course, our regular contributors. Thank you to everyone who has contributed to the magazine whether it was with one photo or a series of articles – you shared your work, and you have made a difference. For some, you were that much-needed motivation, for others – you helped them learn something new and for all of our readers you were the reason why they should keep their passion with photography alive.

To celebrate this significant anniversary we decided to look back at all our issues and share with you some of the most inspirational quotes from featured photographers.

“Photographers speak the language of visuality and they use it to send profound and powerful messages. […] If beauty is in the eye of the beholder then the photographer is the guardian and preserver of that beauty.” Nemanja Milicevic
“If you are not already a photographer, NZ will turn you into one.” Rina Sjardin-Thompson
“Be sure to forget about photography for a moment to take in what you are looking at, to be in that moment of pure bliss. Being respectful of what you are seeing will change what you shoot, how you shoot it and help you forget about your other world for a moment.” Brendon Gilchrist

“I think there is some deep human connection that connects us all... There are so many things that divide us, but regardless of religions, regardless of natio