Taking Better Landscape Shots - Interview with Phillip Bartlett

What is it about landscape photography that draws you in?

There is an undeniable beauty and presence about the New Zealand landscape. Often the scenery is almost fantastical. The challenge is to translate that into a photograph which moves and compels the viewer at a deeper level than just an instant sensory overload. This is what inspires me to patiently observe and tune in to a scene, to attempt to reveal the soul of what I see so that the viewer will share the same emotions of awe and wonder which I experienced as I stood there.

I use the Fujifilm GFX50S system. When I began photographing professionally one of my cameras was the Fuji 617 medium format panoramic. This was a superb camera and I did not hesitate to return to Fuji when they released the GFX.

Can you choose a favourite landscape shot?