Photo Story: Karitane Rocks by Ethan van Staden

Karitane Rocks by Ethan van Staden

Where was the photo taken?

Karitane, Dunedin

Where did the idea come from?

I'd seen countless shots of these rocks in Karitane and I wanted to make my own version stand out from the rest. So I suddenly had a thought, what if I got a photo of the sun rising right between these rocks. I jumped on to the photo pills app and checked where the sun would be rising the following morning, and sure enough, it was rising exactly how I wanted! So I packed up my gear ready for the early morning commute.

What was happening behind the scenes?

Behind this shot is a nervous guy hoping his early morning is worth it! There was a layer of cloud on the horizon that just passed before sunrise. As I was looking at my camera screen, I saw the sun star slowly coming up between the rocks, and I let out a big sigh of relief along with a massive smile on my face because this shot was actually coming together.

Any tips you could share with other members regarding similar types of shots?

Planning can be super helpful, if it wasn't for the photo pills app I probably wouldn't have this shot in my portfolio.

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