In The Spotlight - Showcasing The Best New Images Uploaded To Excio

It is that time again - time for us to showcase to the world what is happening in the Excio community. Our members are always out capturing unique and interesting moments - from photos of events to quiet moments alone with nature.

We are firm believers that the stories behind the photos are important and so decided this time to let images 'speak for themselves' - see for yourself how the story behind the shot can change the whole perspective and add a third dimension to every image.

By reading some of the stories below you will see how adding a few words about your photos doesn't require a degree in copywriting. Saying what was happening behind the shot or why this shot was important to you is a small enough effort to make a big impact.

To view all newly added images and read their stories (if you haven't yet!) head to your Excio app, select your favourites and freshen up your mobile screen! Wildlife

What is the most popular category on many visual platforms? Birds! Even according to The Met, their most popular online collection is all about birds. Excio is no different, see the most recent bird photos that our members have shared:

By Vandy Pollard, Ann Kilpatrick, Kim Free, Diane Beguely (Thrumylennz), Leanne Silver

"A native New Zealand Fantail, known to Māori as Pīwakaka. In Māori mythology the Fantail was responsible for the presence of death in the world. When you meet them on the trail their cute liveliness runs contrary to the myth. They were in abundance when I was in the Abel Tasman National Park, but as soon as I pulled out my zoom lens they darted about like maniacs - hard to photograph / Nikon D750, F5.6, 1/640, ISO 1000, 450mm."

"Tauhou or Silvereye in my Kowhai tree. These delicate wee birds are native to New Zealand and weigh only 13 grams."

"Feel very privileged to get a second opportunity to go on a White Heron sanctuary tour down at Whataroa on the West Coast. This time the wonderful royal spoonbills were also around in full force, and one of them popped over to check out the hide and give me a very stern glance from the safety of its branch." Nature

Speaking of nature and more specifically, climate change, our member Greg Arnold happened to be on the streets of Wellington on Monday, 7th October when the climate change protesters of the "Extinction Rebellion" movement blocked the streets. Wellington is just 1 of more than 60 cities around the world that was taken over by Extinction Rebellion demonstrations last week. In street photography sometimes you want to be left with no story behind the photo - interpreting each shot, sight, look, movement for yourself. Greg's photos are the best proof of that. Were you there too? Share your photos on Excio!

While climate change is a highly debatable topic, the beauty of nature is something that everyone agrees with!

By Shona Jaray, Vicki Finlay, Vandy Pollard, Jan Abernethy, Graham Jones, Linda Cutche, Peter Laurenson

"Carrot Weed grows prolifically in New Zealand but makes a pretty subject for macro photography."

It is not all about beauty though. Peter Kurdulija reminds us about the law of existence with his photo of driftwood.

"...No matter how big or strong one may be the law of existence refuses to give up on you. You can postpone it, but not avoid it. Life will be repossessed, the body recycled and today’s eternity will become history."


One of our new members, Peti Morgan has started sharing her series "Cryogenesis" - photographs that are not just visually pleasing but also have very interesting stories to tell. It is definitely inspirational to try and link science or scientific experiments with your photography.

"Since the dawn of the industrial revolution, humans have dealt great damage to the environment, and consequently the species that exist within it. In fact we are experiencing the 6th mass extinction event (the 5th saw the end of the dinosaurs), with a huge increase in the number of species extinct and endangered as a direct result of our modern lifestyles. Efforts have been underway for many years to conserve and preserve those species of flora and fauna most endangered one such effort is the ‘Frozen Ark’, which aims to preserve the DNA and living cells of endangered species, to retain the genetic knowledge for the future. This series explores the question of using cryopreservation as a method of preserving and then giving life, in a world that is increasingly hostile to its inhabitants. It speaks of irony, futility, and desperation, but also hope."


This time we are lucky enough to explore our world from the shores of Myanmar, through Czech Republic and Slovakia and return back to our Aotearoa, seeing all these places from different perspectives (even a birds' eye view!) and unavoidably getting the travel bug!

By Graham Jones, Peter Maiden, Gazza, Shona Jaray, Simon Wills, Peter Laurenson, Diane Beguely, Leanne Silver


"Push your limits if you have goals to conquer all your dreams." Sheel SindhuPhotos from Pete McDonald's new collection Vintage Moto-X is a testament to this.

Photography can also be used as a tool to boost people's confidence - this is one of the examples of what we call #photographyforgood. A special shout out to one of our new members Anne - be sure to check out her Mama Mia photo session!

"We have organised a fun shoot for her and as she loves the movie Mama Mia, this was the agreed theme. I love how she didn't have modelling background but I have managed to boost her confidence on this shoot. F4 1/1600s ISO320 50mm Akaroa Harbour"

"Photographing a group of lovely women and their horses on a recent field trip. I love the relationship between horse and rider."

No matter our preferred genre, we can all grab our cameras and turn them into our 'magic wands' to help someone see how beautiful they are or to capture a special connection.

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