In The Spotlight - Showcasing The Best New Images Uploaded To Excio

It is that time again - time for us to showcase to the world what is happening in the Excio community. Our members are always out capturing unique and interesting moments - from photos of events to quiet moments alone with nature.

We are firm believers that the stories behind the photos are important and so decided this time to let images 'speak for themselves' - see for yourself how the story behind the shot can change the whole perspective and add a third dimension to every image.

By reading some of the stories below you will see how adding a few words about your photos doesn't require a degree in copywriting. Saying what was happening behind the shot or why this shot was important to you is a small enough effort to make a big impact.

To view all newly added images and read their stories (if you haven't yet!) head to your Excio app, select your favourites and freshen up your mobile screen! Wildlife

What is the most popular category on many visual platforms? Birds! Even according to The Met, their most popular online collection is all about birds. Excio is no different, see the most recent bird photos that our members have shared: