Shooting Inside - Low Light Photography

Review by Samuel Ogunlaja

Visiting "Terracota Warriors" exhibition at Te Papa with my Canon, handheld. By Darshan Singh.

Initial Thoughts

This picture is absolutely brilliant! One immediately striking thing is that the main subject (the horses) stands out from the entire frame and immediately captures viewers’ attention. Another commendable thing is the photographer’s use of the stage light available which he successfully harnessed to ensure it evenly spread light on all sides of the subject, effectively causing a fading blackout along the sides of the subjects. The lighting provokes dramatic scenery which is highly complementary for subtle narration of an ancient history.

The picture is also well centered and evenly framed, adopting the rule of thirds composition - The rule of thirds states that a picture should be divided into nine equal grids; and the most important elements should be placed across the intersections in the grids. This picture adopts that method as the photographer ensures the horses rest on the lower line of the grid.

Rule of thirds grid

It is also worthy of note, in terms of the composition, that the photographer took care to ensure almost equal spaces at both sides of the picture.

However, as perfect as this picture looks from the first glance, there are few things to point out which could have been avoided or improved upon by the photographer.

Motion Blur