Recap of our Photo Walk+™ for Women

In support of the #PhotographyForWomen initiative at Excio Photo Community, we have recently launched a new series of photo walks in collaboration with Coach with the Camera which take place in Wellington Botanic Gardens.

Our Walk+™ series is designed to provide a small group experience to those who enjoy photography, learning new skills, and want to understand and express themselves better with the help of a camera, no matter whether that's a smartphone camera or a professional DSLR. Our walks for women were designed after we realised how underrepresented ladies are in photographic communities and how much pressure as well as judgment they are usually exposed to from some of the ‘experts’ in the field.

The Photo Walks+™ for Women have a coaching flavour, allowing us to check in with where you are on your photographic journey to make sure your learning builds in the direction you want to take it, month by month. We also encourage one another by publicly displaying images on our secure platform to continue the learning and inspiration as