How Photography Inspired Ivan Dojcinovski to Travel More

Ivan Dojcinovski

Ivan Dojcinovski

I have always been an admirer of photography, but what sparked my own interest and led me to buy a camera and start capturing moments was actually my phone. I know it sounds funny but I got a really cool phone (a Samsung Galaxy S7 edge) two years ago and started experimenting with capturing moments, mostly nature, using that.

After a while, I realised I really enjoyed photography. I bought my first camera, a Canon EOS1300D with EFS18-55IS lens a year ago and went on a three month photography course here in Macedonia, where I live.

Since then I always carry my camera with me. I have experimented with different types of photography but what I enjoy the most is landscape photography and capturing nature. This is what inspires me.

"Sunset Greece" by Ivan Dojcinovski

I see and use my camera as a tool. I really like that photography gives me the freedom to express myself in a very unique way. I am just a beginner and currently, the only thing that I am obsessed with is light. I think that light is crucial and mastering it can really affect the quality of your photos.

Excio has helped me get my work in front of relevant people who love and want to see photography and has also helped me with my creative expression. My nature and landscape collection on Excio includes shots of the Matka Canyon in Skopje, Macedonia.

"Canyon Matka - Skopje Macedonia" by Ivan Dojcinovski

On a short trip to Lesnica, Macedonia for a day of hiking, I feel like I witnessed one of the most beautiful nature scenes ever with the Shar Mountains, pictured below. This trip out into nature enabled me to capture some stunning landscape scenes as well as some close up nature details so I was a very happy guy.

"Shar Mountains" by Ivan Dojcinovski

I'm recently back from a trip to Paralia Dionisiou in Greece, you can see my sunset photos from this place on Excio and enjoy the moment with me.

"Sunset Greece" by Ivan Dojcinovski

My curiosity and desire to explore got even stronger after I started taking photography seriously. I now plan and take more trips and outdoor activities just because I want to capture more moments.

You can find more of Ivan's work on Excio and Instagram.

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