Photographing the Mini World

Taking a good macro photo isn't just about getting a technically perfect shot. Macro photography is about emotion and surprise. If you are fascinated by the smallest details, those that the human eye has a hard time seeing in their entirety, the solution is macro photography.

Mainly used to photograph insects, flowers, and all the tiny details of nature, you could say that macro photography is the praise of detail.

As always when it comes to photography, light is very important. Because this type of photography usually focuses on natural subjects it’s assumed that you can have natural light. Natural light, however, is not synonymous with perfect light!

Usually, the central hours of the day guarantee better light, but on the other hand, you will soon discover that trying to take a macro photo of a butterfly or a bee at noon is almost impossible. At this time of day, insects are in full swing versus in the early morning hours when they are usually quite inactive and allow themselves