Photo Story: Behind The Scenes of 'Waterfall" by Jordan Tawhai

"Waterfall" by Jordi

'This was a fresh photoshoot taken in Winter at only 2 degrees celcius!! We only had about five minutes max to get the shots before the model (John) had to get out. Location - Washpen Falls, Cantebury, New Zealand. Model's instagram @john_rios_pt'

Where was the photo taken?

Washpen Falls

Where did the idea come from?

I remember scrolling Facebook and an advert popped up showing places to explore walking in NZ with a photo of a family at a waterfall. It gave me an idea – I asked I a friend of mine who was training as bodybuilder if he would pose in the water, he said yes and we made it happen!

What was happening behind the scenes that we do not see?

This was taken during winter 2020 and at the location the temperature was 2 degrees celcius! The model (John) worked out on location to warm his body up before getting in the freezing water. Because it was so cold we had approx 5 minutes to take the images. I had another friend help by holding the lighting setup which was the Godox AD200 PRO in a octabox softbox. Surprisingly, it was a busy walking spot so we had many people walk past and at one stage had an audience of about 8 people!

Any tips you could share with other members regarding similar types of shots?

When shooting at a location you have never shot at before, always visit and scope out the area a few days before the shoot. Because I'd done this I knew exactly were to shoot and what lenses I should bring, it also made it faster and easier to communicate my idea and needs with the model and crew.

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