Photo review: "Thaw" by Jacqui Scott

By Matej Tandara

"Thaw" by Jacqui Scott

"I took this photo in Canada in Feburary this year, we had a break from skiing and drove to one of the local walks, we came across a waterfall, I took some photos but I didn't have my tripod. So the next day we went back I took a lot of photos from different angles, and this one I liked the form of the ice and the water rushing through. I have cleaned up the image as there was all sort of bits on the ice.Olympus EM5 mark 11 F18 iso 400 1,6 sec 35mm Panasonic lens."

The things the photographer of this image got right are as follows:

- The long exposure is executed beautifully, the only thing that could’ve been improved is lowering the ISO to 100 and making the shutter speed 6.4 seconds, this would have make it even smoother but nonetheless, it’s still great as is.

- The composition is also nicely planned with the camera peeking through all the ice revealing the little waterfall.

- The focus and sharpness are on point which is very tricky when taking long exposures due to the long shutter speed.

The two things that could be improved in this shot are as follows:

Black and White

One major thing this image lacks is colour. Even though the black and white looks nice and balanced, a nice and natural colour filter would be a lot better. It would make the image more exciting and nicer to look at. The water could be edited to be a light blueish colour and it would contrast beautifully with the white ice and dark rocks around it.


The composition is nice as it is but it could have been even better if it was taken from a wider angle. Of course, there are always gear and location restrictions but there is almost always space to move away from the subject and take a wider shot. It that had been done here it would give the image more dimension and the feeling of some 'breathing room'.


An extraordinary shot with a few minor fixes. It perfectly shows the capability of the photographer and their knowledge of camera settings used to achieve a certain look, in this case - a silky smooth mini waterfall.

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