Photo Review: Photographing Sunsets

"Sunset at Black Rock Beach, Rarotonga, Cook Islands" by Danilo Reyes

Let’s start with the things that are done well in this image… The colours are very vibrant yet still balanced and whilst the exposure is on the darker side, is perfect for this kind of image as it really captures the feeling of sunset. Last but not least, the reflections in the lake give the image even more depth and create big focus hotspots.

Now onto the things that could be improved which will help the photographer to take even better images in the future.


The composition here is almost perfect but the right side of the image is pretty dark and has little information in it which doesn't fit in with the left side or the overall image. This is a minor thing but it still has an impact on the end result.

Shutter speed

Even though there is nothing technically wrong with the shutter speed here, it could have been improved by extending it to a few seconds. That would flatten and smooth out the water which would make the reflections even more visible.


This is a fantastic photo with no technical mistakes. It shows that the photographer has a lot of skill and knows how to use their camera.

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