Photo Review of "Misty Harbour" - Learning About Lens Flare

Review by Korry Benneth

"Overlooking Wellington harbour at sunset on a sunny summer day." by Simon Walsh

Initial Thoughts

A misty environment is always extremely hard to capture properly, without losing any important details so you did a great job with this photo. The photo is a bit unclear but that really can’t be avoided without using lens filters so it’s all good.

The composition is nice and unique, it's really good that you didn’t try to center anything but filled the whole frame with bit of everything whilst placing the boat on the left third to stand out.

How This Photo Could Be Improved

Without using a filter, the only thing that could be fixed in this photo is the lens flare you have in the bottom left corner.

Lens flare is a common issue in this kind of photography and can easily be prevented by using a lens filter or lens hood. If you plan to make more photos with natural light like this, you should consider getting yourself a lens hood, if not a set of filters as they will save you a lot of problems and post-processing time.

Technical Details

There are a few technical details you should consider changing in the future to make your photos sharper and less grainy as your camera is capable of making crystal clear images even in a misty environment such as this.


You used an extremely high shutter speed of 1/2000 sec. That shutter speed should be used only when you’re shooting very fast moving objects, like hummingbirds or race cars. 1/1000 or even less would be more than enough to capture waves and all other details while preserving quality and DOF.


Another thing is the quite high ISO (800) for the light conditions you were in. ISO-400 would do much better with that light. Remember that you should always use the lowest ISO possible for the situation.

By lowering those two parameters your photos become less grainy and you can always manipulate exposure and depth of field by adjusting aperture (the f-number - lower is lighter, higher is darker).


One more thing I have to mention are colours - your camera handled the white balance really nicely to create an atmospheric photo. The only thing I think could be changed is contrast. Adding just a bit more of contrast, as seen in the image below, would make this photo more dramatic - but that’s a matter of personal taste.

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