The People in the "Sweet Talker" Photo - Interview with Meg Buisson

After our interview with Greg Arnold discussing his photo's taken at Cuba Dupa, we were extremely fortunate to find the woman featured in the photo entitled 'Sweet Talker'. Turns out that she's a photographer herself and that looks can be deceiving!

Meg Buisson (Photo by Excio team)

Tell us a little about yourselves - We presume you're a couple?

Well, we’re actually not! Ed and I are friends. We share an amazing relationship full of affection, reciprocity and empathy for each other but we are not a couple! We met a bit more than a year ago, at Rogue & Vagabond (where this photo was taken). Ed is a musician and played a bit everywhere in NZ this summer, so we had not seen each other for a few months. I guess we were super happy to hang at Cuba Dupa!

Original photo "Sweet Talker" by Greg Arnold

Did you enjoy Cuba Dupa this year? What was your favourite part of it?

This year was a funny one. With the attack in Christchurch, the organisers decided to keep most of the shows and gigs “inside” so the festival had lost its spontaneity. I think the organisers did what they thought was best, and I bet it was a difficult decision to make. So even though Cuba Dupa was different this year for this reason, I still enjoyed a lot of the shows and gigs and general atmosphere.

I love the whole synergy and mood of music, arts and dance festivals and I’m so glad that Wellington is hosting many events along the year. As for my favourite part, I think it was on the Saturday night when I randomly went to a gig at the Opera House and discovered an Australian band called Hot Potatoes. Oh my god it was fabulous, the music, the audience, the venue, the artists… everything was there, vibrant, fun and so engaging - we danced so much!