Personal story - Chris Watson

I started photography in the late ’90s at school, shooting landscapes with Velvia Slide film and learning a lot about developing in the darkroom, even having one at home in the roof which I loved! From there, I learned on the fly and got into wedding photography, trying to make a living from photography. Shooting in film, I learned a lot about exposure, etc due to the challenging locations of ceremonies. Weddings weren’t my favourite thing to shoot but brought a few dollars in.

I then moved into the age of digital photography, got married myself, shifted around Southland NZ a fair bit doing nearly 8 years of dairy farming and a few years doing other random jobs not using my camera as much during these years. In 2014 I ended up in Te Anau with 4 beautiful daughters, 2 cats, a dog, and a very supportive wife. It was at this point that I properly picked up my camera again.

I now run a Joinery Factory by day and do photography on the side, shooting with a Canon 7dMk2, Mk1, and a 50d together with a Tamron 10-24mm, 70-200mm f2.8, 150-600mm, Canon 60mm macro, 24-105mm f4 and I also have a Mavic Air2 Drone.

I have my work in several shops and cafes in Te Anau and have also filled many hotel room walls, holiday houses, and kitchen splashbacks with my landscape work taken mainly here in New Zealand. I don’t really promote my work that much – I share it on local Community Facebook pages, and I have my FB page and Website…. I think the work sells itself really, my opinion is that if your work is good enough, it will sell.

My unique shots of the more common scenes always go well for example, Mitre peak with a different