Passion On The Sidelines - Project by Enzo Giordani

If you ask me, kids playing on the sidelines, grinning from ear to ear as they emulate their heroes out on the pitch, are one of the most beautiful sights of grassroots sport.

I used to be one of those kids - I adored cricket and growing up in the Waikato I spent a lot of time at Hamilton's Seddon Park watching mostly domestic cricket as well as the occasional test match with my friends.

Our favourite things to do there were to get autographs and play our own games on the edge of the boundary rope using a letter on an advertising hoarding as stumps. Often the only way we knew what was going on in the game was the yell of an appeal - we'd all stop whatever we were doing to watch the umpire's index finger to see if a wicket had fallen.

As an adult, I still love sport and have found other ways to be a part of it through writing and taking photos. About 12 years ago I started a football (soccer) blog, I went along to a lot of matches and wrote about each game.