Our Global Community: Interview with Anthony Joseph, Wildlife and Nature Photographer From India

"Innocence at its best" by Anthony Joseph

It's very interesting to watch the little monkeys' playful actions. they are so naughty. full of life and fun. They will be so independent in their early life itself as Mother will not feed them food like other animals. they need to hunt themselves for their food. The Monkey who spot the food source would become the leader of their gang.

Anthony, tell us who you are and what you do...

Passion for photography made me land in this digital platform from India. I am a banker by profession and head the business of South India for a Japanese company which is specialized in retail assets lending & leasing.

I travel a lot as a part of my professional life and since my son and daughter are both doing their graduation at Christchurch in New Zealand, I always try to come to NZ at least once a year.

How did you become interested in photography and what is it that you love most of all about photography?

When I was a small boy, I used to watch my cousin brother taking lots of photos. Whenever I saw those photographs, I could quickly go back and relate to those good times but David Attenborough’s BBC program “The Living Planet” was the real inspiration, he really ignited my passion for photography and travel.

Kaziranga National Park-Assam-India by Anthony Joseph

"I was in an open jeep and was on the lookout for a Tiger. Both the sides of the roads were full of elephant grass which prevented me to see any animals. We stopped the jeep and I climbed on the top of the jeep by resting my feet on the frame of the jeep. I was amazed with the sight of these herd of Elephants slowly moving. A leader is in the front and followed by around 20 elephants. Well-disciplined walk led by the leader from the front to their destination."

For me, travelling is the best education and photographs are the notes of that learning.

My way of escaping from the artificiality of work-life is to “be with nature” - the freshness of a slow breeze, the warmth of the shining sun, the sparkling silence of the night, being in the wilderness, the music of the sea and the birds. There is no end to this list because nature has something new to give me every day. This mindfulness approach to life has always inspired me to look forward even in troubled times and I have enjoyed framing all of these moments. These visual stories have been giving me a sense of satisfaction, happiness, and even surprises for the past few years - I hope I will be able to inspire people and make them love Mother Nature too.

"Pelikan's breakfast" by Anthony Joseph

This shot was in mind for more than 3 years. All 4 factors like Pelican, Fish, Light and it should be within the limit of 400mm lens should be available. My long wait paid off one day. Camera Canon 7DM2, 400mm prime,5.6, shutter speed 1/2000, ISO-640.

How would you describe your style of photography?

As you already know, I love to shoot anything which is created by God because there is no substitute for natural beauty but I also like to capture candid moments as these moments tell you lots of visual stories. I love to experiment and break the rules and also try to find the beauty in everything.

"Poem" by Anthony Joseph

Brighton-New Zealand. Shot this from the top of the bridge. Sunlight started fading and the golden light started appearing. A small layer sea water on the sand. During the Day time, the sea waves write poem on the sand. Those who visit the beach in the evening could read these poems. :) . Amazing artwork of the sea.

What photography equipment do you have?

I use a Canon 7DM2 with 3 lenses, a 400mm prime lens, 100mm Macro and 15 -85mm.

What group opportunities are there for learning photography in India?

There are lots of clubs and groups in each town but very few are professional institutes considering the size and population of India and it's very difficult to find Universities which offer a Graduation/Diploma in photography.

"Symbol of love" by Anthony Joseph

One Evening I was walking beside the lake towards the wetland area with my Camera. I heard some sound of dry leaves getting crushed from the nearby bush. I was curious and I spent some more time to observe. My waiting and curiosity really paid off. These 2 were coming out from the bush towards the path. They paid no attention to the surroundings and fully focused on what they were doing. I set my camera ready and sat on the ground to create a beautiful frame. Lots of people said this is an art of love but for others it's a territorial fight. My observation - Whether to fight or to love, you need a partner. In this case, I wanted to believe that it's an action of creating a SYMBOL OF LOVE with their upper part of their body. 7DM2, F14, 1/800, iso-3200, 400 mm prime.

How did you learn photography?

I am a self-taught amateur photographer. Whenever I used to see a photographer, I would go and sit with them, helping them to spot birds or insects, or if they were not familiar with the area I would guide them, taking them to good photography spots. During these times, I would ask them questions to clarify my doubts. I also attended lots of online classes, webinars, and closely observed the compositions of good photographs. Sometimes I would assign myself a monthly project for example “Take 10 photographs with back lighting and 10 with front lighting”. All these projects helped me a lot and subsequently, I would show these projects to experts and get feedback from them.

"Relaxing"by Anthony Joseph

Painted stork drinking water after a hard-working day. I added some creativity to it. When you enlarge the beak, you could observe that one dragon fly is also sitting on its beak!!

You recently visited New Zealand, tell us about your trip and some of your most memorable moments...

New Zealand is heaven for photographers since nature is at its best there. During my trip, I took the time to enjoy the scenic beauty first through my eyes and then through the viewfinder.

I love the country and the people – New Zealanders make you feel at home. It's the one country that I want to visit more and more and perhaps even settle down in.

My most memorable moments are my train journey from Christchurch to Greymouth, Akaroa the sleepy town, Abel Tasman and last but not least, the Albatross centre at Dunedin. I was emotional as my long wait of 30 years came to an end when I spotted Albatross there – it was a dream to see Albatross flying.

"Crab hunter" by Anthony Joseph

Photo from Akaroa. Totally impressed with the skill level of this bird. Spotting the crab, catching, bringing back to shore and within minutes crab disappeared. This beauty took few dips after eating and walking gently on the shore. We can spend hours together watching their actions and behaviors.

What are your top tips for bird photography that you can share with readers?

1. Have a fair understanding about their habitat. If you know the habitat - where they go for water, for food, to nest, etc you you will be able to predict their movements.

2. Timing is very important. At sunrise, all the birds will be out and you'll be able to get your image. Likewise, after sunrise is feeding time so you might be able to get some candid shots of them hunting.

3. Avoid the habit of using a tripod for all types of shots – Only use it when it is necessary. This is because you always have to be ready – a bird can fly off in any direction at a moments notice and if you're using a tripod, you're more likely to miss the shot.

4. Do not fall into the gadget trap - 400mm is good enough to take shots for amateur purposes and combined with crop sensor cameras will do great job.

5. Always have a dream shot in your mind – Be patient, keep searching for it, and one day it will happen.

"Believe in your strength" by Anthony Joseph

Ultimate example of believe in yourself. This little cormorant was fighting with these pelicans around him. He was screaming and showing his sharp beak. It's enough to create a damage for the pelican. Little one was fighting back consistently and chased all the pelicans out from the branches!!

What are your hopes and dreams for the future?

At the moment photography is a hobby I do purely for enjoyment but I am seriously looking at doing it professionally. One day, if I get the chance, I would like to start a company in New Zealand for photo tours which attracts tourists from India.

"High Risk High Reward" by Anthony Joseph

One fine morning I was sitting at the entrance of a lake with my camera. There was a water outlet from lake to another lake and also there was a net fixed over there to prevent fish going outside. Egret found this as an opportunity but competition was very high as lot of egrets were lined up on the net. This smart one decided to take extra risk by diving into the water and get his high reward!!!

Where can we find you online?

Website: www.tonystravellife.com

Facebook: facebook.com/tonystravellife

Excio: excio.gallery/tony

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