Open Call For Photographers To Bring Positive Vibes To The World

Excio Photo Community, based in Wellington, New Zealand, is calling for amateur and professional photographers to join forces and use #PhotographyForGood to bring more inspiration and motivation into people's lives in these challenging times.

'Global Warming' by Carol Jardine

Growing self-isolation requirements may cause many people to feel 'excluded' and increase the feeling of loneliness, so it is important for people to have positive and creative outlets to keep their spirits up. It can be hard to achieve with so much negative news coming from our TV screens, radio and social media and this is what the most-loved New Zealand photo community is battling. "Our community has always been focused on #PhotographyForGood - photographs taken by a wide range of photographers from pure beginners to professionals. Excio means 'excite' and 'evoke' and our mission is to share photographers' stories and bring people the joy of seeing photography without ads, selfies and over-promoted trends." says Ana Lyubich, co-founder of Excio.

'Ruapehu Dawn of Magicalness' by Damon John Marshall

With its patent-pending app, available for free download, Excio photo community is bringing photographs of different styles and genres to the screens of mobile devices. With every swipe those who have the app on their mobile devices can see something beautiful, interesting or simply distracting from their daily demands. "This is how fresh photography contributes for good. We're making an open call to everyone. Even if you just have one photo it can make thousands of people smile. And as we all know, smiling is powerful medicine." says Lyubich.

'Kotare' by Gareth McKnight

As a community with growing membership from around the world, Excio is introducing online and offline events that you can do on your own while staying at home and at the same time feel included and connected with others. Some Excio members are already taking part in the weekly 'Art of Birding’ challenges and it’s not too late to join. We’re also bringing new, exciting events to community members, including our successful online photography chats, creating inspirational challenges and sharing photographers' work on the Excio secure online platform for everyone’s benefit.

'Shag Rock' by Pamela Johnstone

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