The Next Generation of New Zealand Photographers Are Being Grown at Kapiti

Excio visit to Kapiti College. Ana Lyubich, Co-founder and CEO of Excio, Kapiti College photography students and photography teacher Fairlie Atkinson.

What we see happening in the photography industry in the next 5-10 years highly depends on what steps we, as photographers, start taking now.

Due to the invention of smartphones and the online world of social media a “rat race” has formed with people vying for the highest number of likes, followers, and impressions which has shifted photography away from being an art form, a skill that people needed to work hard at to develop, into something quite ordinary and mundane.

There are two “camps” in the photography industry now; the younger group who are mostly driven by trends and filters and an older group of 35+ who treat photography as an art form and serious hobby.

Unless we bring young skilled, passionate, and future-thinking talents on board now, things may start looking quite sad in the not so distant future of photography. This is why it is crucially important to change something in the education system and grow the next generation of New Zealand photographers with the right values and skills.

Photography students at Kapiti College together with their teacher Fairlie Atkinson are showing their peers a great example.

Listen to this interview on Kapiti Beach FM radio station with Fairlie as she discusses this important topic.