Mystery Challenge Solved: Week 1

We’ve always told you that being a member of the Excio Photo Community is fun! Each week in April our members are able to take part in the Mystery Photo Challenge turning ordinary things around the house into extraordinary. Last week the challenge was to capture something mundane from a new angle or with different cropping to make people guess what was in the photo.

The comments from our Facebook post show that nearly all photos were guessed correctly but for those where there were any wrong guesses or doubts, see below for the correct explanation! It is interesting to see how some object are so hard to recognize when you put a creative twist on them.

Creating mystery with photography only proves that photographers are magicians and their camera is their magic wand!

Keep an eye on our Blog posts next week to see the new entries!

"Blurred eyes" by Don McLeod "It is a close up of a soda stream holder where the container of water is slipped up in to."

"Darkness" by Helen Dol

"It is an old tyre leaning against a brick wall."

"The speed" by Liza D.

"The look at computer processor from a new angle (top) showing the fan working at full speed. If you look closely you can see a coupe of wires on the left that are well masked thanks to the B&W filter."

"A nose ring for bull" by Anita Ruggle

"One of my other hobbies is to paint animal sculls, so l asked my vet friend if she could organize a bull nose ring for me , as l wanted to place one around nasal passage of the scull. l wanted it to look a bit more rebellious."

"Close be the Head" by Wendy Pemberton

"And area close to the group head on our coffee machine with reflection and angled for effect."

"Light-fingered" by Christine Jacobson "Two wine glasses in my cupboard. Our dining room window is reflected in the front glass, as well as being the source of the light...."

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