Mystery Challenge Resolved: Easter Twist

The main reason why we, photographers, love challenges is because they force us to come out of our comfort zone and try our skills in a new way. It's a great opportunity to learn new skills plus, depending on the challenge itself, it can be a lot of fun. An important thing to remember is that taking part in a challenge should never feel like a lot of pressure or cause any self-doubt, a challenge is really just a chance to experiment.

Last week we posted the photos taken by Excio members in our second Mystery Challenge on Facebook this one having an extra ‘twist’ as photos could have something related to Easter. It was much harder for our Facebook followers to guess what was photographed, so we present here the true stories behind all the featured photos. We hope you enjoy reading the ‘behind the scenes’ stories and get inspired to give it a go yourself!

The mystery challenge is for Excio members only – as a member please login to to submit.

"Not fence posts" by Lia Priemus

"A bundle of them and ever so handy."

"Sugar and spice" by Vicky O'Connor

"Using a Red Rubber Pastry Brush I dipped it in flour, sugar and maple syrup. I was supposed to be making Hot Cross Buns but got sidetracked with the Easter Mystery Challenge."

"Health Benefits" by Anita Ruggle

"This was a tricky mystery challenge, l figured the use of home grown fruit would be an option . To make them look like Easter Eggs, Tomatoes, Limes and Feijoas placed like a hidden nest in the high grass under the Mandarin tree."

"Autumn Lights" by Ann Wheatley

"At this time of year, the afternoon sun passes through the prisms of a light fixture in our lounge and creates a pattern of rainbows on the wall in the hallway. Some of rainbows fall on a painting hanging there."

"Masses of mini eggs" by Karen Miller

"This is a macro shot of a crab apple in a vase of Sprite Lemonade."

"Auburn Delight" by Don McLeod

"Grains of cinnamon dropping into bowl to make H X Buns."

"The meaning of Easter" by Rudolph Kotze

"Top of pine tree taken from our deck under lock down over Easter, made me think of the Cross on the Hill."

"Conversation" by Tanya Rowe

"With a lack of chocolate this year for Easter, I was trying to think of what to use as an Easter twist for a photo. Not personally being a believer myself but acknowledging the origins of Easter being in the bible I wanted to show this by photographing part of the Easter story in a bible. I did this by using a magnifying glass to only highlight a small portion of the words."

"Heavenly" by Don McLeod

"The texture inside a Hot Cross bun."

"Time for a trim" by Peter Maiden

"The sun shining on the leaves of a tree that needs cutting back as seen through a frosted glass window. That’s next weeks lockdown job."

"Distortion in action" by Rudolph Kotze

"Photo at marina of boat reflection in water."

"Where from" by Ann Kilpatrick

"This is a large brass bullet shell, it has a 1952 date and other details on the bottom of it. It makes a great vase."

"Is it a bird?" by Rudolph Kotze

"Feathers of a kookaburra sculpture."

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