Meet The Member: Lola Makower

I have taken photos for most of my life having been given a Kodak 126 camera for my tenth birthday back when I lived in the UK, where I'm originally from. I find that photography has always given me a reason for being present, the camera allowing me access and giving me confidence.

I had thought about being a professional photographer after I left school, the interest I had as a young girl fueled by images of people in foreign lands which appeared in a magazine I received monthly, however, despite my parents buying me a little Rollei S for my 18th birthday, I was not encouraged to do photography as a job an so it has remained a very precious hobby in my life.

Now living in the Hutt valley, New Zealand, I believe that those images I saw in magazines when I was younger have influenced both my love of travel and the documentary-style I often adopt in capturing images, particularly of people. With a camera, I feel really connected to my environment as I look watch and capture moments of pure magic.

A few years ago, I enrolled in a photographic course that broadened my understanding of photography, exposing me also to alternative processes and all the different genres of photography. I continue to learn and develop my skills and enjoy this craft as an art form now, taking photos of people, landscapes, and still life with more mindfu