Meet The Member: Haydn Parkes

Haydn, why don't you introduce yourself...

After spending lots of time researching Queenstown, I left my home town in England 3 years ago to finally support my dream of living in New Zealand.

Growing up I had lots of hobbies and interests but nothing caught my attention as much as photography. This is definitely my passion and it is my dream to one day be able to utilize what I have learnt over the years to make this my full time job. Until that day comes, I work full time as a waterproof applicator... I enjoy my job but my real passion in life is photography!

So when did photography enter your life?

I first picked up a camera a few years ago after following many photographers online and showing an interest in their photos. I couldn't believe how big of a reception I got when I first started sharing my photos, first with family and friends and then to a much wider audience, this has urged me to carry on and push my work which has led me where I am today.

By Haydn Parkes

Do you have a style of photography that you lean towards?

When I first picked up my camera I focused mainly on landscape and astrophotography - obviously living in New Zealand there is an endless amount of scenery! However this led onto people contacting me to take specific photos of them doing their hobbies etc. Anything that involves me picking up my camera I enjoy and am willing to give pretty much any subject a go!