Meet the Member: Getting To Know Andre Van Den Berg

Andre, tell us about you...

I live in Christchurch where I have spent most of my life but when I was young, I lived in Twizel and Taupo, born in Dunedin. I have spent a lot of time in Twizel over the years and still go there, it's where I used to practise with my film camera doing landscapes and now that I have a digital camera I still love to take photos there, especially when the autumn colours are out. I also love to take photos at Mt Cook national park. Aside from photography my hobbies are judo, fishing, and skiing.

By Andre Van Den Berg

Tell us about your journey with photography...

I've always had an interest in photography but it's really in the last 3 years that I've been able to see what a wonderful and magical world photography is.

By Andre Van Den Berg

I have been taking part in the evening photography classes at Hagley High School, this year taking part in the Photoshop class. Before going to the evening classes I didn’t really realise there were so many different genres of photography and am still trying to find the ones I like most. I have recently started to try some macro photography as well as long exposures but I definitely need more practise with this.

By Andre Van Den Berg

I recently bought myself a Nikon D7200 and have a selection of lenses including a Nikon 18-140, Tamron 90mm macro lens, a Nikon 70-300 telephoto lens, and a Tamron 18-24 wide angle lens. Before I bought the Nikon D7200 I was using a Nikon D60 but the camera that got me started in persuing my passion for photography was a Yashica 2000 film camera which I still have.

By Andre Van Den Berg

Tell us about your favourite photo...

I think this would be the hare photo as it took quite an effort to get close enough to take a photo and I ended up taking quite a few shots to get one I was happy with. I think wildlife photography is one of the hardest genres as the animals are on the move all the time and if you move, you scare them away.

By Andre Van Den Berg

What are your plans / dreams for the future?

My aim is to keep practising so I can get better... I still have so much to learn. I think I'll maybe start part time and see how that goes and if I could sell some photos too I’d be very happy.

By Andre Van Den Berg

Where can we see your work?



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