Meet The Meetups!

Last week we were kindly invited by Ryan Walker from Banter & Brews to take part in a panel talk about our Wellington Photography Meetup group along with other creative meetup groups. It is not a secret that Wellington is proud to be a creative hub for art & culture and of course photography is a big part of it! There were some really good questions raised on the night so we thought we should share them with all our readers and those who couldn't make it to the event.

From left to right: Shirin Bradfield (Creative Mornings), Ana Lyubich (Excio & NZPhotographer), Yvonne Tse (UX Community), Hollie Arnett MISTD (Design Assembly events), Kelsey Gee (How Might We Do Good), Louise Holloway (The Design Kids), Ryan Walker (Banter and Brews)

What is the Wellington Photography Meetup group?

Our part in running Wellington Photography Meetup group as well as groups in Auckland and Christchurch started when we met Richard Young and realised that our dreams of creating a photography community in New Zealand matched. However, it has never been about creating "just another" photo club - we always wanted to bring people together who share our love for photography and our vision for building a new generation photo community where there is no hierarchy, no judges, where people feel welcome in a family-like environment and where we can try and bring the power back to photography helping amateurs find their own style and get exposure to a wider audience.

With Richard running New Zealand Photography Workshops and us managing the Excio & NZPhotographer community, the meetup groups were the last piece of a puzzle where we could bring people together in the offline world! The group is run voluntarily in collaboration with other photographers and 99% of the events are free of charge to attend.

What does a typical event look like?

We have different types of events:

Let's Shoot – where we usually meet up at a location for a shoot, e.g. practising sunset photos at Oriental Bay or trying to improve our photography at Light Festivals.

Photo Walk – a hosted photo walk in Wellingto