Meet Our New Intern!

Get to know our new intern, Vaishnavi “Vee” Anand who will be interning for Excio and NZ Photographer magazine over the Summer months. Vee will be working on a variety of projects for us including putting her videography skills to use and visiting a number of Wellington exhibitions to interview local photographers. But first, let us introduce you to her....

Vee, tell us a little about yourself - your background, how you came into photography, and you favourite genres etc.

I'm a young photographer and filmmaker based in Wellington, New Zealand. I am a recent graduate of Victoria University, where I studied biomedical science.

I came into photography entirely by accident! Primarily I am a filmmaker who makes a range of short films and promotional videos for a variety of clients as well as personal projects for competitions. I’m always trying to improve my skills as a filmmaker, so I tried my hand at photography and fell in love with it! Today, it remains as a more personal exploration of the world around me, and I’m forever thankful that I picked up the camera and gave it a go.

I love wildlife photography - there is nothing more satisfying than finally capturing the photograph you’ve been waiting hours for. Architectural photography is also something I really enjoy. It’s fun to see how the camera can transform the ordinary buildings of our everyday lives into abstract lines and shapes. I also really enjoy client work, where I can bring their visions to life - photography is all about telling a story, and it is my pleasure as a photographer to tell the as many stories as I can.

What are your main principles in photography?

There are many principles that are important to me, and that I try to bring into every photography session. One such principle is creating an environment in which people feel safe and comfortable in, allowing my photographs to showcase the beauty in everyone. Being proactive in finding opportunities is also essential, as it gives me both confidence and experience as a photographer. Professionalism is also super important to me, especially when it comes to client projects- I want to give them the best experience possible!

How do you see your values aligning with #photographyforgood ?

First and foremost, I want my photography to bring a bit of joy into people’s lives. There is so much beauty in the world around us, and I want the photographs I take to be a celebration of that. I also want to tell a story through the photographs I take