Meet Lynda: An Art Teacher, Journalist, Graphic Designer and Photographer

Lynda, tell us about you!

I am a qualified, Art and English teacher who is currently Relief Teaching for two Secondary Schools in New Plymouth. I am also a NZ qualified Journalist with a working background in Graphic Design in Australia (Perth and Sydney) and New Zealand (Palmerston North and New Plymouth). In addition, I completed Level 6 (Hons) at The Learning Connexion of Lower Hutt as an extra-Mural student specialising in drawing and photography.

I reside in New Plymouth and have two adult children: Simon is working in Banking for NAB in Melbourne and Laura has a Masters in Forensic Entomology with Distinction and is currently a Fisheries Officer working for the Ministry of Primary Industries. My Fiancé John is the Technical Manager for Sentinel Ltd and races classic Motorbikes. (We had planned to marry in South Devon this year, but were prevented from doing so because of Covid 19 – We have re-booked everything for mid next year to meet up with extended family and friends.

"Mount Taranaki sunset late Sept 2020" by Lynda Newman

When did you first pick up a camera?

I was 19 years old celebrating my birthday with family on holiday in Fiji and bought a Miranda camera for myself from Nandi. I still have this camera and used it for many years to record my children growing up and sights from my working holidays in England and Australia.

What are you shooting with now?

Late last year I bought myself an Olympus E-M10II with a 14-42mm lens, 40-150mm lens, and a 75-300mm lens along with a Crumpler camera bag to hold all. I am still learning how to use it!

"Bath time for Seagulls" by Lynda Newman

What is it about photography that makes you keep picking up your camera?

I am a visually inspired person and enjoy taking photos particularly of the natural environment. I relish the opportunity to explore new places and learn more about the plants and birds I choose to photograph. My passion is with native fauna and bird-life as well as art.

How has being an art teacher with a background in graphic-design helped you with your photography?

It has helped me with composition and searching out contrast with colour and texture. My paintings also reflect that and my photos can also be used as inspiration for painting acrylic on canvas.

You have a diploma in journalism, do you plan on combining this with your photography?

One day I would like to combine my interest in photography with journalism and have written a few freelance stories for NZ newspapers, which included providing my own photos to support the feature story.

"Sunset" by Lynda Newman

You're obviously drawn to photographing the natural world... Do you have a favourite location in NZ?

One of my favourite locations in New Zealand is Molesworth Station in the South Island. The scenery is magnificent and the long drive through there well worth taking if the weather is fine.

"South Island Molesworth Station" by Lynda Newman

How about a favourite photo? Tell us about that...

These past few weeks I have taken a number of photos of Tui feeding on the nectar of our kowhai tree. The colour in late afternoon light up the blooms and beauty of the birds as they flit about the tree searching for nectar.

"Tui Galore" by Lynda Newman

What has been your biggest learning curve in photography so far?

My biggest learning curve is being prepared…I have run out into the garden to photograph the early morning light through the trees or to capture the birds in nearby trees, only to return indoors and find my memory card in my computer! Other than that, it’s having the confidence to try new things using the capabilities of my camera.

"Wai Iti Beach Taranaki" by Lynda Newman

What are you most enjoying about being part of the Excio community?

I find the Excio community very encouraging and there are helpful tips on analysing your work along with invaluable information from photographers who have expertise in their field. I also love that I can help charities by posting my photos on Excio.

Where can we find you online?



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