Lockdown Imagination Challenge: Project by Eva Petro

I've always been interested in photography, but especially since it went digital. I love creating composite images using Photoshop Elements, my work being somewhat quirky, dark, and visually fascinating. My images don't necessarily need to mean anything in particular, I leave that up to the viewer to interpret as they wish.

Lockdown for me was very monotonous, being stuck at home with my husband plus 2 cats and a dog so I got to work on my interpretation of Covid, and got quite carried away. It was a challenge of the imagination and made the time pass in an exciting way. I also did a lot of creative black and white work during that time and found that having all that empty time made me focus a lot more than usual as there weren't as many distractions.

My 3 favourite images are seen here - I started off with some images viewed online of the virus, then imagined it lurking, waiting for a victim. Then I thought of all the little bubbles in the world and then of the world in lockdown. I have a large library of images to work from and use stock images when it's impossible to take the photos myself.

"Corona 6" My interpretation of the bubbles we are all currently living in.

By Eva Petro

"Corona 5" The insidious nature of the pandemic as per my imagination.

By Eva Petro

"Corona 3" My interpretation of the world in lock down in 2020.

By Eva Petro

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