Living the Best Dog's Life

"Living the best dog's life" by TaniaDicks-Maurice

"Capturing the joy a dog can exhibit through the basics life has to offer."

The framing in this picture is very simple but it works really well here and the reflection of the dog in the wet sand gives the whole image even more dimension. The light and dark blue tones in the background make the photo look even more dynamic by giving some references about how fast the dog is running. But, as is usually the case, there are some things that could be improved to make this shot even better...

Dynamic range

One major thing that is immediately picked up when looking at the image is the dynamic range. It is mostly visible in the dog itself, its head and body kind of merge and there’s no information whatsoever in the back part of its body. Dynamic range is, of course, dependent on the sensor quality but in this case, it could have been corrected in post-processing if shooting in RAW. It is always advisable to shoot RAW files rather than JPGs, especially when dealing with a lower tier camera, due to the amount of compression of information in JPGs.

However, if JPGs are all you have to work with, the dynamic range can still be fixed in post-processing to some extent by adjusting the “Shadows” slider in most editing software to make the shadows brighter.

The image after the shadows were brightened to show more detail in the subject

Motion Blur

When looking closely at this photo, there is some visible motion blur in it. It is not a lot but it enough to make this photograph unsuitable for printing or closer cropping. This has happened because of the shutter speed which is definitely too slow for the moving dog. Upon closer inspection, there is no visible noise which means that the ISO could have been bumped up to compensate for a faster shutter speed.


This is a good image with some technical aspects that should be addressed and perhaps more time spent with post-processing software due to the bright vignette in the corners - practice makes perfect!

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