Learning From The Best: "Troubled Waters" by Peter Laurenson

"Troubled Waters" by Peter Laurenson (Occasionalclimber)

This is an amazing photo that shows strong camera knowledge combined with post processing skills.

What differentiates this photo from a thousand other water-mountain shots is the composition and perspective. There is something intriguing about shooting mountains from a low perspective and it mostly has to do with contrast. What this does is make the mountain look even more powerful and magnificent and gives the image that “wow” factor.

Another “wow” factor this shot has is its colours – there are so many of them! Usually, complex palettes are very hard to pull off but here they all play with each other and bring the photo to life. The details that keep it all working together are the yellow and orange reflections in the water.

The only thing to be aware of is the use of clarity/dehaze effects. It can give the photo some sharpness and drama but shouldn't be used too much.

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