Learning From The Best: "Storm Brewing" by Leanne Silver

Review by Matej Tandara

"Storm Brewing" by Leanne Silver

One of the hardest things when photographing the sea and rocks is finding the perfect composition. There are always a thousand options but only a few of them are good and make sense. In this photo, the negative space plays a huge part in making this a stunning shot with the rocks forming some all important leading lines too.

Choosing a long exposure for this photo was definitely the right move since it introduced so much drama to the photo. It was executed flawlessly and it made the scene so dynamic yet also kind of calming. You can almost feel the cold, just like the photographer would have when they were taking this photo.

The editing of this shot is out of this world. The black rocks against the white water, the details and sharpness in the rocks, and the softness of the water form such a beautiful contrast in so many aspects. Usually, applying a black and white filter to a seaside shot is a very risky move but here it fits perfectly.

This awesome bold photo is so well done that there are no mistakes to point out. The photographer obviously has huge potential and has spent much time honing their photography skills!

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