Learning from The best: "Snowy Owl" with Janice McKenna

"Snowy Owl" by Janice McKenna

The framing of this photo is superb. Leaving this much negative space in an image and it still looking good is a form of art, especially with backgrounds that carry no information whatsoever. It gives such a powerful look to the owl and really brings the focus to its eye and feathers.

The owl is perfectly captured with razor sharp focus, the shutter speed and aperture perfectly selected. We should remember that the owl flies silently so there is never much time to capture it, that's what makes this photo so incredible and shows that the photographer is knowledgeable in their craft.

The post-processing literally gives the viewer goosebumps - It is very light and natural but it still manages to point out some details to make the image pop such as the yellow eye and the darker spots in the feathers. It's truly flawless.

The only suggestion I have for making this shot even better is to have the owl take up exactly half the frame but other than that, you've managed a shot that certainly has the wow factor!

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