Learning From The Best: "Red, Red Rose" by Raewyn Smith

"Red, Red Rose" by Raewyn Smith (Photoqueen)

Initial Thoughts

This rose photo is simply stunning with all the shades of red. Even though it’s a simple shot, there's a lot of depth to the subject which makes it stand out from similar photos.

The Colours

A lot of people tend to bump the vibrance and saturation up when post-processing red roses but this image is a prime example of how minimalism and subtleness are key when photographing something so gentle and beautiful.

The Framing

The framing of this shot is incredible - The rose is perfectly framed, it isn’t too zoomed in to the point where you can’t recognise that it’s a rose (which a lot of photographers tend to do) and there’s a perfect amount of dead space in the background which accentuates the rose even more.


There are several things which have been well executed when editing this image including the way the black tones are crushed and the reds softened and the way that the light fades on the image.