Learning from The Best: "Mystical Forest" by Anita Ruggle

"Mystical Forest" by Anita Ruggle

Initial Thoughts

A good photographer not only captures what they see but also what they feel. In this image, there’s an overwhelming feeling of eeriness almost like one would feel while walking through the forest. Even though most people won’t find this feeling positive, it should be appreciated how strongly it is captured in this image.


The composition is nicely executed especially with the trees on each side of the frame. They really lead the eyes to the center of the image adding more depth to it and contributing to the eeriness with an almost tunnel vision like effect.


The editing is awesome in the sense that the photographer didn’t try and get rid of the fog. A lot of people try to de-haze their images to get more vibrant colours but in this case, it’s perfect as it is. The colours are very natural and fit the overall ambient.


A great photo, beautiful in its own way, whilst also managing to send shivers down the viewer's spine.