Learning From The Best: Maraetotara Falls by Chris K

Maraetotara Falls by Chris Kiely

Initial Thoughts

This photo is really awesome because of the smoothness the photographer was able to achieve with the long exposure. Not only is the waterfall silky smooth, the part where the waterfall flows into the water is too. This gives an overall calm and soothing feeling to the photo which is exactly what it needs since the photographer was probably also feeling this while documenting this sight.


The colours in this image are just perfect. The whole palette is very natural but also vibrant with the green from the vegetation and the blue from the water a fantastic mix. There are a lot of other different shades of color in this image but they are flawlessly intertwined.

Making Improvements

Even though the water is stunning, the composition could have been improved if the camera was pointing more upstream since the bottom of the image has a bit of dead space meaning it doesn’t have many points of interest in that part of the frame.


Other than the minor point with composition, this photograph is amazing and really shows the great potential of the photographer.

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