Learning From The Best: "Dawn at Whiritoa" with Graham Jones

"Dawn at Whiritoa" by Graham Jones

The composition of this shot is something that is rarely seen (the silhouette of the rock formation leading the eye from the top of the image all the way to the tree at the bottom of the image) and is a prime example that even photos with few elements can be composed and framed to spark multiple points of interest.

The colours in this image form a perfect gradient. Not only do the colours go from colder to warmer, but even the gap in the mountain follows a slight gradient from wider to tighter which makes the photo so much better.

One noticeable thing about the post-processing of this photo, where there's room for improvement, is the masking tool that was used to create the perfect silhouette. In some places by the edges of the photo there is a white haze visible which indicates the use of masking tools – A good tip to avoid this is to use a bigger brush with the lowest hardness setting and to play with the opacity until you’re satisfied with the result.

The masking is the only area where there's room for improvement, otherwise this is a stunningly strong capture with everything from the composition to the colours just perfect.

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