Learning From The Best: "Cloaked in Light" by Vandy Pollard

"Cloaked in Light" by Vandy Pollard

"Fun to try something and experiment - photographed a group of light performers at a meetup in Wellington."

The colours in this shot are very vibrant and saturated but the thing that is impressive is how nicely they are recorded. Every photographer knows how difficult it is to capture coloured lights without over or underexposing them. In this image they are captured like colourful streaks of light which is exactly how it should be done.

The tricky part when shooting long exposures, especially when light painting, is quite frankly to not make it look like a mess! The part which is very hard to grasp for most photographers is the exposure time. If the exposure is too short the image will look unfinished and if it is too long it will seem too messy. In this photo it has been executed perfectly. The finished product looks like something that has been generated by computer which is the level you want to achieve.

The best thing about the photo is the colourful lights against the black background since it focuses all the attention on the subject, however if you look closely, in the top right corner, there is a faint line which is the only visible thing in the black background which should be masked out to make the photo look more professional. This is the only minor fix needed in this strong photo that shows a high level of camera and editing skills.

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