Learning from the Best: 3 Elements of a Great Landscape Photo

by Samuel Ogunlaja

By Kane Hartill

This lovely landscape scene with hills in the background and beautiful vegetation in the foreground shows serenity and nature as intended; calm and unperturbed by man’s interference. It’s a lovely photo and worthy of appreciation for a number of reasons.

Landscape Photograph in Portrait Orientation.

This image shows an unusual and rare style of shooting for a landscape photograph as it is shot in portrait orientation. Landscape photographs should normally include lots of spaces for inclusion of more elements in the scene therefore being taken horizontally. Only photographers who know their salt are able to take such a photograph in portrait orientation and still be able to convey the intended story; from foreground to infinity. One perfect thing is this photograph is that it doesn’t give the viewers a feeling that there is more to be expected from the scene - All that’s important has been included.

Inclusion of Foreground Element

Another thing worthy of note is that the photographer successfully found a way to include us (the audience) in the photo. This is done by bringing the picture closer to us and reducing our imaginations by including a foreground element that compliments the entire scene. We are able to see the photographer’s point of view, even from where he was standing.

The spotlight on the Foreground Elements

There is the presence of some spotlight on the foreground, which easily helps to direct the narration of the photo in a sequential way. The light captures our attention first, then our eyes move up to trace the rest of the story. It isn’t clear if the light was added during post-production or it was shot like that but either way, it helps complete the photo.

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