Analysing shutter speed with Angela Murrow's "Kaikoura"

"Kaikoura" by Angela Murrow

Initial Thoughts

The exposure is spot on and the focus is sharp as a needle, good job! The composition is interesting, since it has the grass in the foreground rather than the beach and the sea whilst the dynamic range is just outstanding, you can see every detail both in the grass and the sky.

How This Photo Could Be Improved

Camera settings

Looking at the camera settings of f/13, 1/1000s, and ISO1000, you can certainly say that they’re unusual! I know you used f/13 to try and get everything in focus, which is solid thinking. The part where it gets strange is the 1/1000s with the ISO set at 1000. Unless you were shooting this at 200+mm, 1/1000s is far too fast and not worth it, especially if you had to bump your ISO to 1000 in order to get the shot. A shutter speed of 1/500s would be more than enough to capture the waves crashing in the background. The f/13 seems a bit too much too, f/11 would be plenty. So, if you shot this at 1/500s and f/11 you could’ve set your ISO at 250 and gotten the same results.


The editing on the photo is pretty good but there are some parts that could use some touching up. The grass could be a little brighter and the photo overall could be a little more vibrant. Other than that, it’s pretty good.

In the picture below I have edited the original by adding a little bit of brightness to the grass and increased the saturation in the sky to make it pop a little bit more.