International Mountain Day on Excio

"Somewhere between the bottom of the climb and the summit is the answer to the mystery why we climb". Greg Child

Today, on 11th of December, we celebrate International Mountain Day. Did you know that mountains cover abour 27% of the earth's land surface, and are also home to 15% of the worlds' population (read about the people of Ladakh in this special article by Susan Blick). Mountains are known for being touristic and cultural gems, and account for about 20% of the global tourism industry. They provide 60-80% of the world's freshwater and some of the world's largest cities, including New York, Rio de Janeiro, Nairobi, Tokyo and Melbourne, are dependent on freshwater from mountains.

(Source: Food and Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations) Mountains have always fascinated and attracted us human beings for centuries, we create legends around them, we set challenges and conquer them, and we risk our lives again and again just to try and get to the top one more time, and of course, we photograph them. By taking your camera with you and capturing the beauty of these sleeping giants not only do we create history by freezing a moment in time but we also enable millions of other people who have yet to, or will never be able to, get to these places themselves. That's where #photographyforgood comes in! New Zealand is famous worldwide for its incredible mountains. Get some mid-week inspiration for your holiday plans and see some of the best photographs of mountains from our members. Head to the Excio app to find more information about mountains and a few tips on how to photograph them too. Our member, Peter Laurenson, a keen tramper and climber, shared his tips for camera gear and what he takes with him while travelling in the latest issue of NZPhotographer Magazine.

"Admiring the Admirer" by Peter Kurdulija