In The Spotlight: The Show Must Go On

Over the last decade we have gone through some major shifts in the world of photography and become used to the ‘new normal’ with the time we used to dedicate to photography appreciation now measured in ‘fleeting moments’ and our reaction to those moments dictated by likes or emojis.

Instead of getting to know the photographer whose work we admire and learning a bit more about their life, their passion, and the message they are trying to communicate to us… we just click the ‘follow’ button.

While we are getting used to a ‘new normal’ right now in the world, we thought today’s selection of the latest featured photographs should serve as a reminder that there are some things in life which can’t be changed, cancelled, or restricted such as dreams, love, wonder, laughter.

In photographic art, the most important point to be communicated is that of emotion. Photographers want the viewer to share the feelings they felt when they were capturing that particular shot. Photographers communicate with the world using a visual language that knows no barriers. While enjoying the photos below, pause and think - Does any particular photo speak to you? Did the photographer manage to communicate their message to you? And most importantly how do these photos make you feel?

During this uncertain time we are very excited to welcome new members to the Excio family and to see our community growing. If you haven’t yet seen the latest collections on the Excio app – make sure you check them. Read the stories behind the photos and spend some time getting to know the photographer better. What you will see below is just a tiny tip of the iceberg with lots more photos and inspiration featured through our free-to-download app.

Fairy droplets by Anita Ruggle

Dunes By Air by Lex Rudd Photography

"Sossuvlei Dunes shot from the air. Captured using a Nikon D7200. Settings were 112mm focal length, f5.3, 1/3200 and ISO 800"

Fiordland on a wind day by K Beck

Day 32 Anzac Day by Ann Wheatley

"For the first time since since Anzac Day services began in 1916, New Zealanders are not able to gather together for public ceremonies to remember and honour all those who served and are still serving New Zealand in conflicts and peacekeeping. Instead, because of the lockdown, we held dawn observances at home. These poppies, the symbol of the Anzacs, are one example of homemade Anzac art I saw on a lockdown walk this morning. Did you know that you can lay a virtual poppy at the Auckland Museum Online Cenotaph? Gallipoli: The Scale of our War” at Te Papa and “They Shall Not Grow Old” by Peter Jackson both made a huge difference to my understanding of the terrible significance of the Great War, the sacrifice of all those who have died in warfare, and the contribution and suffering of all those who have served."

Cooper by Chrispick

Bremner Bay by Jacqui

Blue diamonds by Anita Ruggle

Archway Islands by Bikram Ghosh

The weight of the World by Lia Premius

Young Fur Seal pointing the way to the hut by K Beck

White Heron Mahinapua by Kim Free

Wide Open by SawImages

Weathering the storm by Gareth McKnight

Venice by Debbie Bayes

Waiting by Soulseeker (Carol Jardine)

Tui on our birdtable by Tania Mackie

Top of Autumn by Bill Wang

Veil by Fairlie Atkinson

The Wave by Anita Ruggle

"This photo was shot from a different angle at Lonely Bay- Shakespears Cliff. Loving the wave like movement. Ignimbrite, a rock produced by explosive volcanic eruptions around our area about eight million years ago. It is a fine-grained pumice, rock crystal, glass, volcanic ash dominated flow deposit formed from the cooling of pyroclastic material flowing from an explosive volcanic eruption. Canon 80d 400 iso ,f4, 1/350 sec."

The Trocadéro Golden Hour by Peter Kurdulija

The Daisy by Tania Mackie

Tahr Trio by Kim Free

Sunrise over Mangawhai estuary by Paul

Sucking on flowers by Sara Petercokeleyson photography

Strike a Pose by Vandy Pollard

Strawberry by Ivan D

Stewart Island Kiwi hunting at dawn by K Beck

Smiles from the river by Jared.Buckley

Pretty in pink by WMPhotography

Ripples by Kelly Pettit

Piwakawaka by Vicki Finlay

Oak leaf mandala by Heather Owens

Kereru take off by Kelly Pettit

Namib Cracks by Lex Rudd

Not cancelled by Soulseeker (Carol Jardine)

"What's not been cancelled during lockdown? Sunshine - and we had so much of that on this particular day! Laughter - makes the world a better place. Love - everybody! Smiling - cause everyone smiles right back. There's always a silver lining."

Moeraki sunrise by Lisa Yates Photography

Lockdown playtime by Karen Miller

Lake Wakatipu by Wayne

Koru by Diane Beguely

It's a blur by Susan Blick Photography

Airborne by Jared.Buckley

Silver-eye in the afternoon sun by Leanne Silver

Hawa Mahal Palace, Jaipur by Roy Cernohorsky

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