In The Spotlight: The Celebration of #PhotographyForGood

How do you select the most interesting photos to go into the featured article that you know will be seen by thousands? It’s a huge responsibility and for our editorial team, the selection process becomes harder (and of course more exciting!) every month as our community and the number of amazing photos taken by our members grows.

It is so great to see our #PhotographyForGood values working though – every Excio user and follower can enjoy a great diversity of photographs with some interesting information about the subject of the photo, location, camera settings or even just a thought-provoking title which, believe us, makes a huge difference worldwide, one photo at a time.

Scroll to the very bottom and enjoy our selection of some of the most interesting photos from the last few weeks below being sure to read the captions to know what they are all about. You can check out more photographs and collections on our free Excio app too – get it on your phone from Google Play or App Store and enjoy seeing what our community comes up with as you go about your everyday life. And, if you're a photographer or visual artist, join our photo community and upload your own work so that next month, your own work could be featured here!

Barn Owl: Wingspan Birds of Prey Trust by Vandy Pollard

"Barn Owl have been recorded at scattered locations throughout New Zealand with an established and growing population in Northland. Barn Owl are classed as Native due to the fact they are breeding, after most likely being blown across the Tasman from Australia."

Fluffball by Dionne Solly

"Have you ever seen a baby seagull? I never knew they were so cute!! I took this image of a Red-Billed Seagull chick at the Royal Albatross Colony on the Otago Peninsula."

Flight of the White Heron by Kim Free

"A white heron in flight at the Blaketown Wetlands, Greymouth, NZ" by KimFree

Kea Call by Gareth McKnight

"Another mug shot of a Kea at Nga Manu wildlife reserve in Waikanae."

Rough road to recovery by Tania Mackie

"Some beautiful light coming through on a drive into a bushwalk."

Sunset at Kauri Point by Tony@AEPNZ

"On a recent trip to Katikati to see my Grandmother we made a little trip round the coast to Kauri Point to check out the long Jetti there. It was right on Sunset and was just a beautiful spot to enjoy. . . Canon EOSR Tamron 24-70mm 2.8 G2 24mm f16 iso 50 SS 13" Sirui Pro Circular polarizer"

The Beacon by ChrisK

"Sheep looks over a beacon of light. Evening sun lighting up the valley below."

Waiting for the train by Peter McIlroy

"I love people watching when travelling, and tried to capture something of how we wait, all in our own world, as the train arrives. I deliberately handheld a low shutter speed to retain the motion of the train. 1/10 sec, f16, 35 mm(APS-C), ISO 100"

Bursting with colour by leewaddell

"I have previously posted this image as a black and white image in my macro collection. I chose to repost it with a pop of colour. This is a seedpod bursting with colour. Have a look at the B&W version and let me know which you prefer."

Warrior Princess by GumbootsandTiaras

"A photoshoot with swords, capes and bows and arrows. Iso 200, f8, 1/125 Christchurch"

Sunset spotlight by Kizwiz2019

"The right light can make the murkiest of water look beautiful."

Sunburst over the city by Lisa

"I had been working on getting this spot up the hill to get a sunset for weeks. Am so glad I chose this night and got a beautiful sunburst over Dunedin, NZ."

Singapore by Susan Blick Photography

"Singapore's city skyline at dusk. Singapore is a great place to hone your photography. It's safe, compact and there is lots to see."

Prague city by Shona

"Prague city from Žižkov TV Tower. Fuji XT2, XF 18-135 at 18 mm. 1/125 sec @ f11."

Magellanic Clouds by Tim Ashby-Peckham

"Two dwarf galaxies called the Magellanic Clouds float above the trees at Otamure Bay, Whananaki."

Island Bay Wharf Part 2 , North Shore , Auckland by SiWills

"Part 2.. Auckland has been lucky to get some incredible sunsets recently. The dramatic change in colour within a short period of time is evident. Island Bay Wharf faces west providing the perfect outlook for longexposure images"

Hatea Kapa Haka group by Garett Vincent

"Waitangi day celebrated on the Waitangi treaty grounds."

Estuary moods by DionneS

"A moody winters sunset over the estuary makes for a stunning view while out running"

Calm & Chaos by DarkSapphire

"Self Portrait- The calm amidst the storm. Make up of approximately 15 images. Shot over a 2 day period. A place with significant meaning to me. I have spent many hours at this estuary. It is my calm place."

Bad Hair Day by Photoqueen

"Sunflower just about ready to open, reminds me of hair blowing in the wind. Taken at a recent trip to Franklin Flower Fields Waimauku Auckland."

The Track by Lighthouse

"Perfect light for an aerial shot of the Papamoa hills ... In this case it was all about the composition of the track lines and the different textures. 1/30 f2.8 ISO:100 Mavic Air"

Tamarin by Fairlie Atkinson

"Wee Tamarin monkey at Wellington zoo peeking around the corner to have a look at me."

Simplicity by Ann Kilpatrick

"The Ohau Canal and surrounding area make for lovely photo opportunities, and you can see all the way to Aoraki/Mt Cook on a clear day. Simple grass on a good morning. 1/30 sec @ f/22. 35mm, ISO 64"

Muriwai Mist by rjbythebeach

"The buffeting waves of the west coast meet the coastal mist emanating from the land on a cool winters morning in Muriwai. 1/2000 f14 ISO160 235mm Muriwai, New Zealand"

Monkey Love by Serendipity

"At the Monkey Sanctuary, Ubud, Bali"

Lentil Skeleton Pod by AnyaMowll

"A close up of one of my works to show its texture and colour. 2 sec. f/10 ISO 100 100 mm My studio"

I heart sunrise by AnnaMenendez

"I heart sunrise, taken at Waihi Beach, Bay of Plenty"

Helen by NZtonez

"Small softbox and flash, taken in very dark hall inside a retro vintage caravan sales booth. Met Helen about 5 mins before this and she had been asking me to take her pic for a while. Sony A7R3 85mm VVDO 2019"

Flamingo by MarinadeWit

"I always love visiting the Auckland Zoo, the Flamingos are my favourite"

Dreams of Freedom (dollarbird) by ArtByJLM

"Achingly beautiful, this quietly iridescent dollarbird contemplates an alternative future where habitat is plentiful and she is free to fly.​10% of the artist's proceeds goes to BirdLife-Australia to support their conservation efforts."

Contemplation by ER Imaging Photography

"Sometimes the people who have less in life have more."

Cactus Orchid by Anita Ruggle

"The stunning colours of pink and reds make the cactus orchid a real beauty, especially when the light shows the different tones. They hang gently with there stamens flowing like a waterfall. Canon 80d, F18, Iso 800, 1/8 th sec."

Bird among thorns by Whangarei

"A lilac breasted roller - one of the beautiful birds of Africa. Canon 7D and Canon 70-300 USM II"

Welcome swallow by Kizwiz2019

"I wasted an hour at the park one day trying to get this fella and his mates in flight. It was very nice of him to come and pose for me. Close up he looks like a masked bandit."

Watcher by HelenD

"Watching a rider jump his bike in the forest. I spot of light hitting them."

Vector Lights the Auckland Harbour Bridge by Simplykiwiphotography

"Thousands of LEDs light the Auckland Harbour Bridge duing the anniversary weekend, all powered by the energy of the sun"

Smooth Waters by Gadgetman@Nikon

"Down at Jacks Point in Timaru using my Nisi 8 stop filter to smooth out the water"

Red billed Hornbill aka Zazu! by Red Nose

"We saw so many of these friendly birds on the trip - the quest became capturing one in flight."

Monarch by Ruth Boere

"Monarch butterfly gardens are stunning with the monarchs on full display. Fuji xt2 f/2.8 1/250sec. ISO-200 80mm macro West Lynn gardens, New Lynn"

Long Exposure Sunset - Muriwai Gold by Susan Blick Photography

"A beautiful capture of Muriwai's gannet colony during golden hour."

Incoming! by ArgentPhotography

"Sometimes you just get lucky! A spontaneous couple of hours at the Auckland Botanic Gardens resulted in this shot of a monarch heading straight towards me. I love the unusual angle."

Little Shag by Tanya Rowe

"This Little Shag is perching on a branch at Lake Henley in the Wairarapa."

Jewelled cage by Heather Maree Owens

"I love how these little caped gooseberry casings skeletonise, & always collect them up whe they are there. i found this one on the lawn covered in dewy rain. Shot with Lensbaby Sweet 35 on Canon 6D"

Day in day out. Typical day in Mount Maunganui by Photography

"The base track of Mauao (Mt. Maunganui) is trodden hundred if not thousands of times a day. People walk it, run it sometime twice or more. The tourists get to enjoy the beauty of our natural coastline, us locals get the views of a lifetime every day and boats come and go day and night to the Port of Tauranga, offering plenty of boat watching opportunities. Especially during Cruise ship season. It is not uncommon to experience seals, little blue penquins, little black shags, gannets, tuis, fantails and orca just for a start. There are also sheep grazing on the hill sides which become crowd favourites during the lambing season."

Coal Creek Falls by Jenkx

"A short drive from Greymouth, NZ and an awesome bush walk bring you to this waterfall."

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