In The Spotlight - Showcasing The Best New Images Uploaded To Excio

Our 'In The Spotlight' series is where we feature the most recent work of some of Excio's members who are doing good with their photography by producing the most unique, inspirational, thought-provoking and meaningful images.

The series enables us to do a bit of a catch-up, a chance to follow photography journeys, see what people have been busy with and then share that creativity with the world. The last couple of weeks as you will see has been all about the creativity boost – Which category or photo is your favourite? Let us know in the comments once you’re done scrolling through the images below.


From creative experiments to seeing things differently, who can say where the boundary lies between reality and our imagination? The beauty of photography is that there are no rules that can’t be broken!

By Tanya Rowe, Fairlie Atkinson, Leanne Silver, Kapiti College students, Eva Petro

Charlotte Johnson shared her unique collection of Steampunk shots from the recent Steampunk Express event at Glenbrook Vintage Railway. Have you been? If not, add this not-to-be-missed event for photographers to your list now!

By Charlotte E. Johnson

The Humans of Planet Earth

View the emotional and inspiring photographs that our members have shared from all parts of the world. Wander the streets of Nepal to capture beautiful faces and smiles with Susan Blick, or

see the latest creative shots that Charlotte took on her film camera.

By Susan Blick, Charlotte E. Johnson, Eva Petro Nature

Don’t forget that this week is Mindfullness Week in NZ – If you need to re-boot your mind, find inspiration, or just relax, look no further – just swipe your screen!

By Linda Cutche, Tanya Rowe, SiWills, Di Lewis, Vicki Finlay, Twingle Mathali


With celebrating 50 years of the Conservation Week just a few days ago, it's no wonder that many Excio collections have been refreshed with wonderful wildlife photos and stories! See the rare Leopard Seals that Vandy caught on camera in Owhiro Bay, penguins and other birds, and dive into some thought-provoking conversations by Peter Laurenson about zoos – what is your opinion on that? We have some photos of cats this time too, and even a wild cat!

By Peter Maiden, Ann Kilpatrick, Tanya Rowe, Peter Laurenson, Vandy Pollard, Failrie Atkinson, Pete McDonald, Leanne Silver


The US, London, Singapore, and New Zealand - you can travel to these places and more with our members. Discover places around the world like you have never seen them before. With the school holidays approaching for many, maybe it's time to jump on a plane and get out of the mundane reality of your world? Never fear if you can't hop on a plane in real life right this second as the Excio app allows you to travel instantly. Make sure to check an absolutely new perspective on That Wanaka tree! Thanks to Ann Kilpatrick, we can see the best evidence that no two shots are ever the same even if this place has already been ‘shot to death’ by thousands of people.

By Peter Laurenson, Ann Kilpatrick, Peter Kurdulija, Mike Bouchier

Keep experimenting, practising and sharing with us what you’ve got. If you were sitting on the fence thinking whether to join our awesome Excio family, just do it – Your shots are good enough! To see all featured photographs and collections of our members, head to the Excio app, grab yourself a cup of coffee and enjoy – read the stories behind each photo to fight those mid-week blues and get the motivation you need for the weekend!

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