In the Spotlight: Imagination Unleashed

There is a place that many of us enjoyed visiting in our early years. Filled with exciting stories, captivating imagery, and a sense of carefree curiosity, this place had a way of drawing us in with such ease. Otherwise known as our imagination, this place still provides a comforting escape, blocking out the realities of a scary, broken world. The good news is that photography can act as your magic wand and take you back to that 'happy place' any time you want (especially with our free Excio app in your pocket!).

“Creativity in Action” comes when using our imagination, kickstarting our brain and senses to create an image within our mind. It gives us new ideas and different perspectives and is especially useful when it comes to photography, not only taking photos, but viewing them too. When you see a photo your mind takes you on a virtual journey fueled by your imagination which is based on your past experiences, knowledge, interests and other factors. Each photo can become a small world on its own as you start thinking what was happening behind the camera, what the shot is about, what was happening before the camera took the photo, and what happened after.