In the Spotlight: Imagination Unleashed

There is a place that many of us enjoyed visiting in our early years. Filled with exciting stories, captivating imagery, and a sense of carefree curiosity, this place had a way of drawing us in with such ease. Otherwise known as our imagination, this place still provides a comforting escape, blocking out the realities of a scary, broken world. The good news is that photography can act as your magic wand and take you back to that 'happy place' any time you want (especially with our free Excio app in your pocket!).

“Creativity in Action” comes when using our imagination, kickstarting our brain and senses to create an image within our mind. It gives us new ideas and different perspectives and is especially useful when it comes to photography, not only taking photos, but viewing them too. When you see a photo your mind takes you on a virtual journey fueled by your imagination which is based on your past experiences, knowledge, interests and other factors. Each photo can become a small world on its own as you start thinking what was happening behind the camera, what the shot is about, what was happening before the camera took the photo, and what happened after.

So, this week, as the title suggests, we are looking at the recently added Excio images from our members that will ignite your imagination.

When you look through the photos, try to think of a story behind some of them.

Scientists have found that using images alone in therapy significantly reduced participants' blood pressure, anxiety, and stress levels when they look at a photo of a person, place, or time that makes them feel relaxed, peaceful, and happy.

So let go of the world for a couple of moments and let your imagination carry you on a journey! Go on, scroll down, and try it for yourself!

Casino 3 by Karl Bevin

"Another fun day in the garage. Lady luck not on his side."

Dandelion Seeds by Bernadette Fastnedge

" Dandelion seeds taken with Canon 5D Mark III Lens 70-200 "

Karamea River by Lewis Richards

" A long exposure shot of a river taken in Karamea. The Tannins from the surrounding native trees leech into the water, which gives the river a dark brown appearance. "

Firth of Thames by simplykiwiphotography

" The ebbs and flows of the tide against the rocky shoreliine in fhe Firth of Thames. No sunset is the same as you cast your eye across its waters to the west. Combined, they can create chaos or calm Canon 5d mkiv/30mm/.25secs/ISO100 "

Gazania's 2020 by Katrina Weir

" Gazania flowers captured through a technique called Intentional Camera Movement (ICM)"

Brolga sporting a stray feather on his head by Beth Chapman

" Brolga doing a bit of preening at Auckland Zoo ... They are Australia’s largest water bird."

Life in the valley by Connull

" Looking down into the Tukituki River valley filled with fog from the top of Te Mata peak in Hawkes Bay. The peak is around 400 meters high and this was shot with Nikon 500mm zoom lens on D750 body. "

Vietnam Veterans Memorial in Washington by Nick Kabzamalov

" I was shocked by the vast number of dead soldiers and the architecturally ample and reach monument. The original of this picture is in color, but I can not see it so. 6.3, 1/500, iso200."

Waihou River by Jack Kingston

" The crystal waters of The Waihou River as it travels downstream from The Blue Springs. The water here never ceases to amaze me with its clarity and depth. The foliage that grows around this paradise brings some amazing colours to the frame. This was the first place I visited when I arrived in New Zealand in March 2018 with my best-friends. It will always hold a special place in my heart. ISO400 24mm f/11 1/30sec "

Oh you pretty things! by Photoqueen

" Beautiful store bought Tulips giving me a reason to get my camera out on a rainy weekend. "

Floral Beauty by Lex Rudd Photography

" This image was captured using a 90mm macro lens. The dark background coupled with white highlights on the flower resulted in an eye catching image. Taken with a Nikon D7200, 60mm micro lens - 35mm equiv 90mm, f6.3, 1/100 and Iso100. "

Quid and Eagle by Karl Bevin

" What's better than working with animals and children? Animals (AKA Land-sharks) and helicopters! NZ Police dog Quid and his handler Owen, with Police Eagle helicopter "

The lonely giant by Rhys Gally Photography

" Taken at lake Mangamahoe, the shot shows of Mt Taranaki in all its glory. Nikon D7500 - Sigma 24-70 2.8 F4.2 1/800 44mm iso 280 "

Hen by Katrina Weir

" Portrait of a Hen looking directly at the camera. "

Tui pose by Kathryn Nobbs

" After placing a Tui feeder full of sugar water into the garden, this little fella as well as his eight other friends are queuing up each day at the bar "

Thinking about stuff by Leanne Silver

" Would love to know what this lemur was thinking as it sat thoughtfully in front of the glass. Such gorgeous animals, and so sad that they are one of our planet's most endangered animals."

cute by t h e 6 .7

" nothing more pleasing than sitting in a gallery viewing great works of art and even better when you have someone to share it with "

Dancing in the dunes by NZtonez

" I have been working with Anita for over a year now on a series of portraits. "

Fullmoon over Old House by Carmen Therriault " The Canadian prairies are dotted with old abandoned barns and houses providing wonderful photographic opportunities, such as the full moon rising. ISO 800, 155mm, f/4.5, 1/200 sec "

Wooly Bird Nest Fungus by brettburley

" Tongariro National Park - this fungus relies on rain drops to disperse the ‘seeds’. "

Possum by Bernadette Fastnedge

"Possum taken with Canon 5D Mark III using my zoom 70-200."

Oparara Arch, Karamea by Jim Graydon

" Everyone who visits the beautiful Oparara bust at Karamea takes a photo of the arch. Why should I be any different? I found the interior of the arch as interesting as the bush view and merged two exposures with Nik Software to capture both. "

About to drop by Steve Bowie

" Morning sun hitting a drip in a tree. 1/160, f/11, 100mm, iso5000 "

Octopus by Katrina Weir

" Majestic Octopus slowly moving through the water, The Octopus regular changes its shape."

Red hot chilli peppers by Karl Bevin

" Set my food on fire with this shoot. Fun, fun and fun! "

Waiau Falls by Melyssa Forget-Turcotte

" Accessed from the 309 Road the Waiau falls are easy to find, and the kauri giants stand majestically above the forest tops. A short walk takes you to the base of these remnants of the ancient kauri forest that once cloaked these hills. "

What you looking at!? by Gareth McKnight

" A New Zealand fur seal or Kekeno giving me a rather funny look at Wainuiomata's Coast. "

Tropical Cocktail by Paul Rushbrook

" Caught this palm with sun streaming from behind and used zoom effect and out of focus blur "

Wave Power by Jim Graydon

" Heavy westerly swells crashing into the rocks at Cape Foulwind make a dramatic display. "

Giraffe Patterns by Trish Brennan

" Taken using a Fuji XT2 + Canon 70-200 lens (with attachment) "

View of MT Cook by Jacqui Scott

" We walked up to Sealy Tarns heavy mist in the valley after climbing over 2.400 steps the view was amazing."

A Gentle Giant by Melyssa Forget-Turcotte

" Giraffes used to live in most of the open country of continental Africa. They were wiped out of Egypt by 2600 BC and from western and southern Africa in the 20th century. The largest populations of wild giraffes now live in Tanzania. The species' long-term survival is dependent on human conservation strategies. "

Lightbulb sparks by Karl Bevin

" Creating sparks in the studio. Photo Tutorial credit Adorama TV "

Question Mark by NZtonez

" I have been working with Anita for over a year now on a series of portraits. "

Pink Flamingo by Bernadette Fastnedge

" Pink Flamingo, one of my favourite birds to photograph at the Auckland Zoo."

Moonlight by Melyssa Forget-Turcotte

" Moonlight shining bright over Wellington, New Zealand."

Glowworm pool by Kyle Barnes

" Footwhistle Glowworm Cave - Waitomo - Glowworm Pool."

Blue Herons - Opposites by Terry

" I saw these two Herons sitting on a wooden pile, and took a few shots - This is one of my favourite ones as it has a lovely balance."

Tui by WMPhotography

" Our native Tui , this one is often in the trees behind our house but hard to capture as I think he/she is quite shy. "

Mummy Shag by Fairlie Atkinson

" The Waimanu Lagoon is home to a lot of nesting shags who are not waiting until spring to breed this year. "

Magnolia by Roy Cernohorsky

" A magnolia which i have just finished editing. This was taken at Eden gardens. "

Cloaked in Mystery by Vandy Pollard 2020

" Another image of the Tūturuatu or Shore Plover, endemic to New Zealand with a conservation status, Nationally Critical. After zooming around with its two buddies at lightening speed foraging, this wee fella paused momentarily for a siesta."

Colors of the flame by Ivan D

" Playing with fire, light and some Photoshop effects. "

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